Pockets of “Nature”

When I was first considering a place on campus that has “nature” my first thought was of Williams. The café in Williams has many examples of “nature” but upon further investigation in Williams I was reminded that some walls have plants on them. The walls have wood as the backdrop and the plants are in these cloth like envelops. Since the first year the plants have changed. Some of the plants now spill out over their envelop while others remain small succulents. The section of the wall with the plants is back and is not flush with the rest of the wall and underneath the plants are stones. If you stand at the very end of the hall the plant wall sticks out not only because it has plants, but because it’s the only section of the wall painted green, the rest of the hall is white. If you walk down the hall it feels like a sterile environment with the exception of the plants that bring life. Obviously, the plants did not naturally start growing in a brand-new building but were put there by architects and designers to resemble nature. Throughout the whole building there are similar pockets of “nature” that the architects and designers have used to create a modern building that integrates elements of the natural world.