The Lone Survivor

In my class the Gilded Age, we are learning about how settlers created homes in the U.S. by chopping down trees and creating log cabins, I was thinking about that while I wondered how is this place still here?  The border between the farmland and the forest makes this place feel rare.  I was impressed that this area has survived for so long given its location.  When I was able to ignore the mosquitos and the tree graffiti, I enjoyed surveying the forest.

I am from outside of Seattle and have easy access to lots of forested areas. I’m ashamed to admit that as a junior this was my first time visiting a forest in Ohio.  I was curious about what was going to be different.  I miss the woods and the outdoors that I have at home when I’m at school and found the trip to Johnson’s Forest refreshing.  I took some photos on my phone and my favorite ones are the ones looking up at the canopy of trees with the blue sky peeking through.