Knights in the Silurian

Knights Hallow is a beautiful little refuge on the north side of the College of Wooster campus. For the very short walk, trees surround you and about half the time you are greeted by the trickling of water down the creek. Everything about this place has been man made, from the planted trees, to the outdoor classroom complete with a whiteboard. The creek is actual an aesthetic way of draining water. But look back a few million years and the entirety of Ohio would have been underwater. Aquatic fossils are common place in sedimentary stones. I even found a the imprint of a fossilized shell on the side of the stream in Spangler Park last year when I was helping a friend look for salamanders.

Bring time back to today and the underwater span of true nature has been reduced to a drainage system that often doesn’t have water and moved stones and planted trees. The reduction of water was the natural change of climates, the rest was us.