An Unexpected Encounter

Although I have experienced many things in my life, I rarely get the opportunity to experience some event in the right place at the right time. Luckily, I was able to experience such a thing quite recently. It was when I was walking back from Woosterfest, when I decided to take a detour through some nearby neighborhoods. As I was wandering through them, I was finishing up on a cheaply made chicken-ranch sandwich from one of the many food trucks that were stationed in the festival. As I was leisurely eating my sandwich, almost finished with strolling by the small houses, I encountered a stray cat. It was a young female cat with a mixture of white and black patterns randomly painting its body. It sauntered up to me, just as I was about to head back on Beall Ave, and meowed loudly. Of course, I knew the cat wanted what I was eating. I set my sandwich on the ground and pet it while it happily ate the leftovers. I wasn’t too attached to the sandwich, as it was not the highest quality of food,  so gifting it to the cat caused me no trouble. As it was finished, it hummed with soft purring and relished in affection for another few minutes before wandering away. Since then, I have still thought of that warm moment with the friendly feline. I hope it does well and as the temperature starts to decrease, that its owner will keep it warm and well-feed inside.

One thought on “An Unexpected Encounter”

  1. That sounds like a really sweet encounter, that was nice of you to give up your sandwich. I live in a house on campus and recently this stray black cat has been coming up our stairs to sleep on the porch. I have also been worried about what he is going to do as the weather gets colder. I hope both of our cats find a nice warm place to stay this winter.

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