Residence Quad

I am sitting in the residence quad with Stevenson directly behind me and Ebert straight ahead. To my left is the tennis court with a green fence that is approximately seven feet tall. Many people walk parallel to the tennis court and do not look around. Some stare at their phones, others talk on their phones, and some would rather look down at the ground than up at the trees. Beyond the tennis court are trees, beautifully colored trees ranging in shades of brown, yellow, red, and green. I continue to scan to the right, and the trees fill the skyline. However, if I look a little closer to ground level, I see cars. Jeeps, minivans, sedans, you name it, the parking lot has it. It’s really quite a shame because the trees are so beautiful, but it’s hard to ignore the cars. When I look straight ahead, I see Ebert. For an art building it isn’t very pretty. There is a lot of tan brick, some red brick, and some windows on the second floor. When you look closely, you notice that the windows have dark streaks that bleed to the ground. A little to the right there are more trees with equally beautiful colors as the aforementioned. When you first gaze at the trees, there is an assortment of colors. You might believe that each tree is a solid color, but when you study each tree, you notice that it varies in color. The tops of the tall trees are red and then quickly transition to a golden color. Yet both the sides of the trees and the leaves that are located deep within their branches are green. Beyond these trees lies Kenarden, a dormitory building with pretty architecture. But if it were trees, it would be even prettier.

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