The Storms

My flat was the living room of a cabin in the Adirondacks that we have rented for years. The cabin has nearly become a second home for my family and I. It was early morning, and I was sitting in the heated living room that had a big window overlooking a frozen lake, with mountains behind the lake. It was sunny at the time, but the forecast called for on and off snow showers all day. As the morning progressed, I looked to the west and saw the onset of dark clouds take over the shining sun. The clouds were moving fast, and before I knew it, it was dumping snow the hardest I had ever seen it. It only lasted 10 minutes before the sun came out again, but the snow had accumulated a couple inches. Specifically, I remember it did this several times throughout the day. it was a constant cycle. The sun fading away, then heavy snow, and the sun coming back out again. I had never seen the weather so bipolar. This phenomena was known as lake effect snow, in which the easterly wind that blows over Lake Ontario picks up moisture and dumps heavy snow up to a couple hundred miles inland.

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