The Trouble with Milk

As we congregated in the depths of his barn, I tried to hear David Kline’s voice over the sound of his cows who were busy seeking attention, pawing in the mud and exclaiming in a low guttural m-o-o-o. I remember he talked about the milk industry a couple of times throughout our visit and described the difficulties that small dairies have been facing for quite a while now. One of the big problems that small family farms face is finding a market to sell their products, and making enough money off of it to sustain that way of live. In David’s case the farm is organic, allowing them to sell the milk at a premium price. In fact Organic Valley, one of the largest cooperative organic brands, buys their milk and sells it for them. I knew that this type of relationship between farmer and large company existed, but it was very cool to see the whole operation in person.

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