I was impressed with David Kline when he was explaining the dietary advantages that came with his lifestyle.  He eats a healthy organic diet which is awesome.  I have no idea where most of my food comes from.  I have to imagine eating food that you have raised and know is healthy and not covered in chemicals must be rewarding.  I was also impressed with the strong immune systems he explained the Amish have.  I wanted to try some of the milk he was talking that the man he let try some said tasted like liquid ice cream.  I enjoyed hearing him explain how tightly knit his community was.  I think that this can be beneficial in many ways and can help one live a long happy life.

I enjoyed reading and discussing the Sassafras chapter.  He describes his methods by saying “sassafras prepared in this manner is far superior to the chopped whole root that most herbal supply places offer.”  I certainly believe him.  One day I would at least like to have my own garden to supply myself with some home grown vegetables.

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