Johnson’s Woods

As I walked along the wooded path of Johnson’s Woods, I noticed the “good” and “bad” impacts it had on the surrounding nature. The “bad” impact that I recognized most was the graffiti markings on the slick and smooth beach trees. Moreover, most of these markings were due to the easy access of nature via the wood path. Therefore, I would argue that if not for the wood path a lot of these markings would not be there. However, as I walked even deeper into the woods I noticed a squirrel run right below the wooded path. At this moment, I realized the “good” impact of the wooded path. The “good” impact the wooded path had was its ability to provide shelter to several animals or plants that could otherwise be killed. Ultimately, the big lesson I took away from Johnson’s woods was the two sided affect humans have on nature. We are able to cultivate nature and simultaneously destroy it.