The Color of Nature


Nature is often thought about in ways of plant life to native animal species to geography and so on and so fourth, but in many cases we glaze over an important characteristics of nature, like color. The visuals of Johnson’s Woods could range through the entire color spectrum. From one end, there were dark, black mud patches in the murky swamp-like portions of the forest to the pale white color of the Beech tree bark. Out of all the variety that was available at Johnson’s Woods that I found to be interesting, I thought the mycena leaiana, the orange mushrooms that were scattered across the forest floor. Their vibrant orange bodies growing on brown logs pops out to any casual onlooker.An example of what they look like is added below for reference to what they look like in person. Overall, this forest was a special treat and I am grateful for the opportunity of observing the colors of the natural world.