The Snow Lives Deep Into the Summer

When I was younger, my brother an I were obsessed with snowstorms. In Southeastern Pennsylvania we would occasionally get these big snowstorms called Nor’ Easters, in which a low pressure system moves up and along the east coast. As the storm moves up the coast, it very often strengthens and sends heavy snow inland. One time we had two of these storms within the same week. By the end of the two storms we had a whopping 5 feet of snow, which doesn’t happen very often in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Schools were closed for the entire next week, which was awesome. So we were outside most of the day playing in the snow when we decided to make a snowball and put it in our freezer inside. Therefore, when the snow melted we would have a “souvenir” to remember the historic snowstorm. Well, we forgot about the snowball for awhile, and one July summer day I was searching the freezer for ice cream when I came upon this snowball, that had been turned into a round block of ice.

2 thoughts on “The Snow Lives Deep Into the Summer”

  1. It’s interesting that you had a special name for these large snowstorms. Where I live, in Michigan, there is a LOT of lake-effect snow. Unfortunately, I would have those extremely snowy days but had to go to school the same say! My school district decided that we could walk to school instead, if the roads were too icy/full of snow. But I did get to experience what few days of snow days I had playing in the snow. But for me, the only thing close to a “souvenir” I had are memories of sneaking snowballs inside to use for pranks.

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