Panoramic view of Reeds Lake

The beauty of the little town of East Grand Rapids has always captivated me. As I strolled down the local park, I was able to sit down on a nearby bench and witness a pleasing creation. I faced in outwards towards the nearby man-made lake and saw the shimmering water reflections that sparkled as the sun was setting. I watched Canadian geese and a few ducklings crossing the dark blue waters as the hurry to rest. Further outwards, on the opposite side of the lake, lies a swamp-like portion of the lake with the rare appearance of a swan appearing, if one were to be lucky enough. To the right of my view lied the public library and high school, with the lines of houses boarding the lake only a few feet away from the school itself. To my left resided the yacht club and their private docks to harbor their boats. These boats all ranged from sail boats to speed boats, however the only thing stopping me from inspecting them is a small wire fence. Past the private harbor was the town’s oldest restaurant, Rose’s, which began long before I was born. It’s lakeside view is unmatched and is a perfect spot to observe the calm waterfront scenery. Behind me laid the Gaslight Village, where the old gas-powered lamps are still used to this day to bring light to the small sub-urban development. Being surrounded by the landmarks and history of my small hometown made me feel quite at peace with the environment around me.

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