nature in our school

I generally love the environment on our campus. I love how greens are always around every teaching buildings in a very casual way. Even though I know that they are put in this way, they still give me a feeling of nature. My high school used to plant trees in these huge flower pots so that you know that they were just planted to be planted. I don’t like that. On the other hand, I never see a squirrel running or living like this on our campus ever.  It is definitely nature to me. Actually, their existence is one of my favourite things on campus. I love seeing them running from one side to the other. I love the squashy sound they always make when they go through these fallen leaves. I love how they wink their ears and blink their black, cute eyes to observe you while holding a chestnut. I love seeing their fluffy tails. I know they are afraid of me, which I feel is even more natural for me. I think nature for me is not necessarily having to be friendly.  Even though I love the feeling of holding a living wild creature in my hand and feel the trust between the squirrel and me. I was really excited about my friends that day. It felt like having bonded with nature. But I know that it is not natural for me. I don’t understand myself quite well, but part of me doesn’t really want to bother or step in their lives. For me, true nature should be left alone by itself.

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