Blog 4 my adventure with mushrooms

I hate rainy days. The one thing I do like about rainy days is it gives me an excuse to stay inside the whole day. I hate when the weather is cloudy and dark but you have to wake up in the morning to go to school. 

I remember that was a Tuesday morning. It was raining outside. I was so sleepy that I feel so annoyed while walking to my class on my usual path with my giant backpack and books because I also have to use another hand to hold an umbrella. I was looking down the whole time. While I was walking on the very edge of the path. Something seems like a little umbrella appears to my eyes. Mushrooms! On the shredded wood in the grass beside the path, little mushrooms are growing. They were so cute and white. I stopped my steps and squat next to them to observe. I have never seen mushrooms on our campus. I raised my head. there were mushrooms hidden in the grass. I was so surprised. I knew mushrooms love to live in a wet environment without the sun. But I was generally surprised the field in front of my dorm hall is also a place mushrooms would pop up. They were so cute and tiny. I didn’t know if I can touch them because my parents told me that some mushrooms are dangerous. I didn’t touch them. But I was observing them for a while. I was watching rain dropping towards their umbrella-shaped head. Somehow I found it smoothing my mood.

I still hate rainy days, but I love the random adventure for me with the little mushrooms. 


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