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I love the chapter Solitude the most. I love how Thoreau expresses his feeling of loving to be alone. He said it said straightforwardly, “I love loneliness. I haven’t met a better companion than loneliness.” It is brave thinking. Lots of people nowadays might have this thinking but they are always too afraid to truly spend time by themselves. The time he spent at Walden pond. He chose himself. He wants to spend time with himself. He wants to do things that he actually truly loves. He reminds me of people around. Amy is one of my friends back home. She learned how to sing and ride a horse just to make her application for college looks more special. She doesn’t like any of the activities. In some ways, she was forced to do things that she doesn’t really want to do. On one side, I don’t agree with doing things that she is not passionate about. However, on the other side, I understand that she has to adapt to reality such as trying to go to a “good” college by rating. These things are not real according to Thoreau. I think he really found his peace at Walden pond I really envy that. My senior year in high school was the most stressful time in my whole life. My high school was extremely small with thirty classmates in my whole grade. For a long time, I always have breakdowns and care so much about how people around would think. I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t really express my feelings and have fun with things and people that I truly love. 

Thoreau loved Walden pond more than any other place. He compares with several other ones like the white pond. And he always talks about how pure Walden is. I also like how Thoreau loved old stories about his area and read every book and also ask questions to every person who could tell him the old tales.

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