There were always old ladies selling baby silkworms outside of my primary school. As an 8-year-old child, the happiness of seeing these cute white little silkworms is unimaginable. I secretly bought them with my pocket money without telling my parents. I put them in a shoebox. They would only eat Mulberry leaves. Otherwise, they would starve and die. It was so hard for me to find these people who sell mulberry leaves every day because I think I had around 20 silkworms. It was so popular to have silkworms as pets back then. All my friends have them. I loved the feeling of their tiny feet on my hand. I also loved how soft and how cute they were.  My friends and I would bike through so many streets to look for the mulberry trees that summer. It was a huge mission back then for us to find the food for our silkworms. I even planted a seed in my garden. Ten years later, the mulberry tree is as tall as me now. However, I never have silkworms again. I always think about them when I see people wearing silk cloth. 

*Armadillidium Vulgare/Watermelon bug”

We call them watermelon bug in Chinese because when you slight touch them, they will curl up into a ball that looks like a watermelon. They were always in the soil in the raised flower bed in my primary school. (looks like down below) We have a ten minutes break between each class. I remembered every break, I would run to this place and start finding watermelon bugs. I still don’t understand why I was so obsessed with them. I found them extremely fun. I love to see them curl up to a ball and then stretch their legs and go. And I will put them into a small bottle and start to do the same thing again. I haven’t seen them for a long time since growing up. They still one of my childhood memories in my heart. 

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